Sticky Become Centravi Teamler!

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  • I want to become Centravi Staff, what to do?
    Hello, so you'd like to become a part of the Centravi staff? Well then, let's get started.
    Please remember that you are sending a real application. As long as you take it seriously, we'll do the same.

    Do you need me?
    We are looking for people who can support in the following languages:
    • German
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Turkish
    • Romanian

    If your language isn't on this list but when you have a strong feeling that your language or help will help our project please contact an Extended helper or an Administrator.

    What do you require?
    First of all, we require the following:
    • You are able to work in a team.
    • You are able to read and write English at a good level.
    • You are able to read and write the language you are applying for fluently.
    • You are at least 16 years of age.
    • You are able to accept cirticism.
    • You are able to develop yourself and adapt quickly to new situations.
    • You have enough spare time during the week.
    • You are available on IRC in the #Centravi channel.
    • You have quite some experience with the Centravi services and ZNC.
    • Having an affection with software engineering or system administration is a big pre!
    • No zombies allowed.
    In return, you will get...
    • ...the ability to develop yourself.
    • ...the ability to give your opinion about the project and help improving it.
    • ...a great team to work with.
    • ...promotion if you do your work very well!
    • ...a shiny nameplate. not really, but you will get a free e-mailaddress:
    What do I have to take in account while applicating?
    Please understand that you are sending a serious application. Make it in English, extensive, readable and keep it as neutral as possible. Don't send applications existing of 20 words, you won't have a very big chance... At least include these points in your application:
    • Some personal information: what's your e-mail address, where do you live, what are your hobbies and what is your name/age/sex?
    • Your previous experience with IRC, SRVX, Centravi, sBNC, ZNC and previous bouncer providers you might've worked for.
    • Whether you are a teamplayer or not.
    • A motivation on why you want to become a part of the Centravi team.
    • A motivation on why we should choose you, and not any other applicant.
    Please, do not forget to state your e-mail address somewhere in your application!!!


    If you still want to apply...