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  • Become Translator!

    Dear users,

    with the new release of our bot, we also released our language system, which permits all users to use the bot in their native language.
    But, in order to fulfill this, we need translaters who can translate the phrases our bot says in their native language!
    Using our tool, you are offered one scentence at a time which you should translate.

    On irc, you can use ?lstats to see which languages we are offering, and how far the translation is. If you see your translation isn't going that fast, or you don't see your language, read the text below!

    If you speak one of these languages at a native or near-native level, please contact one of the admins (frankh99, victor or fnord) on IRC to help us as translater!

    Some notes:
    - Translating means no actual position in the staff.
    - Translating can be done whenever you like, you update the text on-the-go.
    - Of course you will be added in our credits!

    Apply as translator! (Just note your languages and stuff, no actual application required. Contact via IRC is possible too!

    Kind regards,