Important Centravi Updates

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    • New features added:
      - Lastseen system (`?seen' and in `?users').
      - Messages of the day system (`?motd'), will show up once on your first and again for every new message added.
      - `?trim' command added in addition to lastseen.
      - Several new commands in the user management (`?giveowner', `?resync' etc).
      - Language expanded to eight languages.

      Click here to submit bugs and make suggestions.

      The software left the beta stage, current running Centravi version:
    • As of today there have been several new features implanted in Centravi.

      We now have a ban system. With command ?addban you are able to ban someone permanently from a channel. With command ?tb you are able to ban someone temporary from a channel. Both of these bans are written in the ?bans list, which will give you a complete overview of all of the bans set in the channel. For both addban and tb you need to have at least 250 channel access in the respective channel.
      You're also able to ban someone without the ban being written in the ?bans list, you can use the commands ?kb and ?b there for.
      Ofcourse there has to be a way to unban someone you can do that with ?delban and also the command ?unbanme will work for that.

      Besides this ban system we have also a protection system build into Centravi.
      If someone with lower access then you in a channel kicks you using /kick #chan user he'll be kicked by Centravi also.

      Enjoy these new functions within Centravi.

      When any bugs appear or when you have some nice features to add, report them on our Mantis:

    • Dear users,

      Since the release of this bot we have implanted some updates. Besides the regular bug fixes, then we have the following updates:
      - the ?resync command has been implanted.
      - It's now possible to receive all Centravi's output in PM instead of notices.
      - We have a ?giveownership command implanted, with which you're able to assign a new owner to a channel (command is only for chan owners (500 access)
      - Chanowners are able to make the bot join and part a channel with the ?join #chan and ?part #chan command. Note: you need to be the owner of the respective channel
      - Furthermore we changed some things on the way Centravi outputs informations, the userlists are completely set in good rows and columns.

      We'd like to thank all of you for reporting bugs, and give us some ideas to improve centravi more. Continue that, and have fun using our bot.
    • Important Centravi Updates

      Dear users,

      you have waited long, but finally it's there... Centravi Reborn!

      I took my time to make a complete new bot with some neat new features. The most important features are listed below:
      - Channel Management (set, users, uset)
      - Language Support (custom messages, wanna help translating?)
      - Account Management (fully AuthServ based)
      - Ban Management coming soon!

      If you still find bugs, or misspelled messages, post them on our mantis:

      You can register your own Centravi by simply joining #Centravi and tell TeamTravi you want to register one:
      /msg TeamTravi support bot ChanReg

      Don't hestitate to ask us if you don't understand something, but please respect that our staff is also dealing with a new bot!

      Kind regards, and have fun using,