Sticky About the project

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    • The Centravi Project is a project primary aimed at making IRC a better place for users. We do this by offering different services.
      The services we offer are explained below, currently we are only active at the OnlineGamesNet network.

      Our channel bot
      Our developper created our own Channel Management Bot, her name is Centravi. This bot is capable of managing a channel by maintaining a userlist, giving flexibility by offering various set option, and being secure as she offers her own internal banlist. This way not only maintaing your channel is easier, it's also more reliable as you can choose which users will get op and which don't, and many more options! Please have a look at our registration guidelines .

      Stay on-line, use a bouncer
      A bouner acts like a proxy between you and the IRC server. This allows you to have your 'nick' stay at IRC even if you are not on-line. It makes your daily IRC life easier as you don't have to join all your channels every time you connect (while it stays there), and it can record messages from other users who tried to contact you in the time you were off-line. If you want to register a bouncer, feel free to join #Centravi on OnlineGamesNet and write your request to our helpbot HelpTravi. Please see our registration guidelines for our policies.

      New to IRC? Have other questions?
      We can help you too! Visit our board or contact our staff or one of the many users in #Centravi on OnlineGamesNet.

      We are always there for you!We hope that with this small introduction of the many services we offer, you are eager to meet us. We'll meet again in one of our services! Till then!