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    • Here comes a small update.

      I got some messages, that some of our users are unable to connect to our ZNC. The ZNC software has been updated during the move to version 1.7 and some users may see the following message while trying to connect to the server:

      Source Code

      1. * Connecting to (port)
      2. -
      3. @time=2019-01-27T19:22:03.157Z CAP nickname ACK :server-time
      4. -
      5. @time=2019-01-27T19:22:03.158Z CAP nickname ACK :userhost-in-names
      6. -

      It looks like a problem with mIRC's CAP support. The issue has been confirmed in mIRC version: 7.36, 7.38 and 7.41. Starting from 7.42 to the newest available(7.54) it works just fine allowing to connect to your bouncer.

      If you face such an issue and cannot use your ZNC please consider updating your mIRC(as it affects only mIRC users from what I know) and let me know which mIRC version are you using at the moment as well as what's the result of updating it.

      Best regards,
    • Hello there,

      The move has been performed last night. All the ZNCs connect from the new IP already, so some of you might have to add a mask to your AuthServ account using /as authcookie AUTHNAME and confirm it by clicking the link in the e-mail message you receive.

      If you face any troubles while connecting to your ZNC like "Connection refused" or "Unable to resolve server", please make sure the host you are connecting to is cannot be any IP address)

      To get support, simply join #Centravi channel in OnlineGamesNet and poke me. There will be a dedicated support mailbox soon, where you will be able to get support, but for now just simply poke me to get helped.


    • The closure

      Dear users,

      As to all things there will be an end of the project.

      Times on the network, as many might have noticed, have been activer and we do not expect this trend of user reduction to turrn around anytime soon.
      After a long time of consideration we decided to close the project.
      The channel management bot will be taken offline and all our existing ZNC users will be moved to a smaller private server owned by Razr and me.

      It will mean the following for our users:

      - There will be no channel manegament bot. For user channels we recommend requesting ChanServ as an informal channel.
      - Existing ZNC users can keep their ZNC, we will not add new ZNC's.
      - There will be no active and extended support anymore, matters suchs as a new password can be requested via email.

      We will move all users in the weekend of 26 and 27 January, there will be a downtime which we hope to last only a few minuts.

      I would like to thank all our users that trusted our service.
      A more special thank for all our teammembers, in the present and past, that helped to build a strong community and gave us a lot of their time, experience, ideas and dontations to make OGN a better place for everyone.

      Thank you and all the best!

      The project administration.