Centravi ZNC upgrade

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    • Centravi ZNC upgrade

      Hey :)

      As you might notice, your Centravi ZNC sessions were doubled last time. It was caused by the ZNC upgrade we were doing. It's all done and your znc works back normally. However, there are some changes I'll mention here.

      About modules - In current ZNC version (1.2) module *admin doesn't exist, it's replaced by *controlpanel, but it works exacly like admin did before*. After we upgraded ZNCs, some modules have been resetted. If you used *awaynick and *perform before, you need to re-configure it now as settings of these module are restored to default values now.

      In addiction, we moved to a new, better server. We hope our ZNCs will be more stable now and we plan to improve IPv6 connection in the future!

      *You could use setloc before to make your ZNC auto-auth you every time it disconnects, this function is not available at the moment but we will do our best to restore it as soon as possible!

      We hope you like new ZNC version, if you got any problems or questions please ask them in #Centravi or make a request on IRC.

      The Centravi Team.