Sticky AndChat

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  • In this thread we are going to have a look at one IRC client for OS Android - AndChat. The application is in English. Download it from Google Play.

    When you first launch it, you will see this. Click on Add a server.

    Now fill in the information.

    Basic Settings
    Name - what you wish to call this server
    Address -
    Port - the actual port of your ZNC, here 9007 is used as an example

    Extra Settings
    Nick 1 - your nick
    Nick 2 and Nick 3 - alternative nicks
    Username - your username
    Real Name - you can use your nick as well here
    Autojoin - not needed. Your ZNC has the information.
    Autorun - not needed
    Password - Here you have to put your Auth nick, a colon and your ZNC password. If your nick was Test and your ZNC password 123456, your Password for AndChat would be Test:123456.
    Encoding - you can keep UTF-8
    Logs - If you would like to have chat logged, tick this option.

    You've set the basics now. Click the Save button ().

    Click your new server in the list and you will get connected.

    Now it's done!