Sticky ChatZilla

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  • ChatZilla is an IRC add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser. You can download and install it on Firefox from here (or an alternative link).

    After you have installed it, click on the Firefox button and launch ChatZilla .

    You are supposed to see this widnow by now.

    First off, click on ChatZilla in the bar up and choose Preferences.

    Scroll down and set your Nickname; logging as well if you want to be able to reach logs afterwards.

    I would also recommend you to enable timestamps. It is useful to know when someone wrote something. Click on the button Appearence in the bar up, scroll down and tick Enabled.

    After this click on Apply and OK.

    To connect to your ZNC, write in the chatting box /server <port> <ZNC password>. If your port were 9001, authnick test and ZNC password kfuQGWQT, the command would look like this.

    Now just press enter and you connect.

    To get connected to your ZNC when you launch ChatZilla, click on IRC in the bar up and select Open This Network at Startup.

    Your ChatZilla is now set. If you have any questions to ask, feel free to contact us in #centravi.