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  • IceChat is an IRC client for Windows. In this thread I will show you how to set up your Centravi ZNC in this rather a simple client.

    You can download it by clicking here.

    Once you have installed it, launch IceChat. You will see this window which you can close.

    We can see the program window now. Click Add New in the blue bar on left. You will be asked to write in Server name which is

    Port Number is next. Write in your port, 9009 is used in this example, and click Next.

    After that you are asked to add Channels, Nickname (which is required) and Auto Perform. You don't have to fill these because your ZNC has the information. Click Next until you get to this window.

    Check that your Server Name is and Server Port matches your actual ZNC port. Then click Startup in the list on left and see this window.

    Here you need to fill in your Server Password. It cosists of your auth nick, a colon and your ZNC password. If your nick was Test and your ZNC password 123456, your Server Password would be Test:123456. You can tick Auto-Connect on IceChat Startup if you would like to connect to your ZNC right away after you launch IceChat.
    To save the setting, click on Save.

    Now you can connect to your ZNC. Choose from the list of your servers and click Connect in the blue bar on left.


    I will also tell you how to set highlight in IceChat. It's a piece of text that is set special and when it appears in your chatting windows, you will get highlighted.
    To set it click Options and Text Highlighting.

    Tick Enable Text Highlighting and click on Add.

    Now you see this window.

    Text to Highlight: Text you want to get highlighted at. It can be for example your nick.
    Select Highlight Color: You can choose from a variety of colours that the highlighted text should have.
    Command to run (Optional): Set a command to be performed on highlight if you want.
    Sound to Play (Optinional): Set a sound to play when the text to be highlighted appears.
    Choose if you want the highlight to be performed on Message, Nick or both Message and Nick. Then click on Add New Item and Save in the window for managing highlights.
    You can more of them.