Sticky Mibbit Guide

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  • ZNC Mibbit Configuration

    (If Images are to small click on it)

    First of all, make sure a supporter from Centravi provided you with the necessary information and created a ZNC for you. Otherwise, make sure you get it!
    You need a mibbit account to be able to save servers, since ZNC is a server we are going to do thatfirst. Go to and create an account.

    Fill in your email, username & password. Make sure you write your password correctly. They are not really secure in registering accounts so no confirm mail or link is send. After registering mibbit takes you to the following page;

    Click on “Chat” and you will be redirected to the main screen, at the top right of the website a small menu can be find which include “Account”, “Prefs”, “Profile”, “Channels”, “Logs”.

    Click on “Account”, and you enter a screen with various settings, ignore them and go to “My IRC account” at the bottom of the page. Click on “add new entry” to add a new server.

    You will see some fields appear which you should fill in with the following data:
    • (port will be given by the supporter)
    • NickNickname
    • PassThis field will be given by the supporter.
    • Auth MethodPass
    • CharsetUTF-8

    Now, if that is done save it by clicking “Save changes”. Then hit “connect now”. If you set up everything correctly you should be logged in to your ZNC now. You should see a screen familiar to the one shown bellow.

    This means your ZNC works, the server is saved in your account and you can use our ZNC in mibbit from now on!

    Change Tabs (Extra)

    If you use mibbit the way it is configured for you, you'll find out channels are shown above your chat window. Which is quite unhandy if you join more channels then the width of your screen can take. You could miss messages, and queries.

    If you navigate back to your account preferences (“Prefs” in the menu), you'll see a screen like this;

    At the left corner you can turn the “Tabs On left” setting on.

    When you save it, mibbit automatically refreshes the screen (without disconnecting) and the tabs will be shown on the left from now on!

    I might add more settings, more explanations and more pictures soon. For now you know how to connect which is the major goal of this guide. Questions and suggestions are always welcome!

    Regards, berend