Sticky #Centravi IRC Rules

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    • #Centravi IRC Rules

      While chatting in #Centravi you are required to obey the following rules:

      In the channel it is prohibited to...
      • spam - Our anti-spambot will ban you automatically when you do so, or the operators will do it by hand.
        -> Note: if you need to paste large pieces of text, use our PasteBin!
      • discriminate, imitate or flame at users. - Doing this will be severely punished. After all, do you want to be called a bot?
      • post personal information from other users. - This is legally forbidden, it will be severely punished.
      • post recruitment links. - It's simply annoying. Watchdog will kick you first, then you'll get a G:Line.
      • post illegal stuff such as porn, cracks and hacks. - This is also legally forbidden, and we all don't want to face court.
      • discuss bans, warnings or channel unregistrations. - Query the one who did this to you instead, or ask a senior staffmember.
      • evade bans. - Really, you will only make it worse. ;]

      Although, in the channel you are allowed to...
      • talk - Chit chatting is fine, really, about all sorts of subjects. :)
      • discuss - We are not dictators. If you have things you don't like about our services, say them, or report them.
      • ask - There are always people there to help you. You can write your problem to our staff alternatively: /msg TeamTravi support <bot|bnc> <question>.
        -> Note: before querying a staffmember, please first ask her or his permission.

      Also, please keep in mind that...
      • if you do not agree with something a staff member has done, please contact him or her first and foremost.
        -> Note: if you still can't agree with the staff member, please contact a higher ranked one in the order trial -> helper -> trainer -> manager -> admin.
      • staff members reserve the right to warn, kick or ban you. Also without a reason.
      • interpretation of this rules is done by the staff not by the user.
      • we can decide to change the rules at anytime, so read this topic frequently.
      • it's your responsibility to be up to date with the latest version of the rules, not ours.

      If there are questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. :)

      Your Centravi staff.