Channellimits have been raised

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    • Channellimits have been raised

      Dear users,

      As of yesterday the channellimits have been raised for all users on OnlineGamesNet IRC.
      This means that instead of 25 channels you can join 40 now!

      The exact limits:
      User without Loc*: 30 channels
      User with LoC: 40 channels

      To get this new channellimit you need to jump with your ZNC.
      To do this you need to type: /znc jump (in mirc) and any other client: /msg *status jump

      You do not have LoC set yet? Look here to see how you can set it with our ZNC!

      *Login on connect, this means you login to your authserv account while you connect to IRC.

      The Centravi Team.