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    • Dear users,

      We are glad to introduce a brand new feature in our admin module called SetLoc

      Setloc makes it easy to add all 3 servers in your server list with LoC

      For the people who don't know what LoC is:

      LoC is also known as Iauth and it means Login on Connect. Its a system where you need to use AuthservUserName:AuthServPassword as server password.

      For Example: If you want a connection with LoC and your AuthServ username is User and your AuthServ password is qwerty you need to use: /server 6667 User:qwerty to connect via LoC.

      The benefit of LoC is that you'll be authed automatic when you connect to IRC and as user it allows you to join 25 channels instead 20.

      For teammembers there is even more benefit because it allows you to use your team privileges. For a GO example it means you can join 40 channels, you can hide your idle time in whois, you can send more text over IRC via regular user.

      For more information about your team privileges check the webpage: (only visible for teammembers, its required to login to see this page)

      For more information about LoC and how to set it manually: EN I've got a ZNC. And now?

      And the benefit of have all 3 servers added in your list is that when a IRC server quits ZNC will jump to the next one in the list.
      This means you'll have less trouble if a IRC server crashes and will be reconnected fast.

      To use this feature type the following commands in your bouncer:
      /znc loadmod admin
      /msg *admin setloc Username Password

      Replace Username for your Authserv username and Password for your Authserv password (This system doesn't work when you have an : included in your Authserv passord!)

      We recommend all users to do this to have a better time on IRC!

      If you have any questions or problems don't doubt to ask for support in our main channel or to make a support ticket.

      The Centravi Team.

      PS: Thanks to NeverHere for the developing.