frankh99 steps aside

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    • frankh99 steps aside

      Dear Centravi users,

      This will be my last newspost I write for you, being a Centravi admin.

      Over the last years I've been a Centravi admin. Unfortunately I just don't have the time anymore to support the project as an admin. That's why I decided to step aside, and quit the project.

      I leave the project in the trusted hands of victor, Rena and appel. I'm sure that they will do fine. And that they will keep the project the best user IRC bot & bouncer project on the OGN network.

      I'd like to thank all of you for your support in making the project this a success.

      Best regards,

      - Former Admin

      ps. If you feel to leave a word for me, you can use my staff thread: Ex Frankh99