New server, and what now?

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    • New server, and what now?

      Hey everybody,

      We want to thank you all for the patience in the last few days and I want to give my apologies again for any problems and inconveniences.
      There are still some problems with the DNS but this is mostly for us to worry about :)

      But you'll probally wonder why this new server is necessary and what is changed?

      First of all, we didn't own the last server and couldn't access root. Because of this it was not possible for us to develop the project and to optimize everything. We own this new server so we are able now to offer more and better.

      Second thing is, it's not a big secret that we get attacked by hackers with a botnet once in a while (DDoS). With the new system we'r using now we'll be better prepared agains these attacks and we can reduce the damage to the minimum. But please be aware of the fact that you can't be protected agains DDoS for 100%.

      Also things on the ZNC are changed, we have some new modules in the list like:


      Nothing serieus but nice for the people who want to use it. And we'll probaly add some more in the future. We also setted the maximum buffer to 2000 for every port.

      What more is changed in the ZNC is that it's able to connect via SSL to all the ZNC's. To make a SSL connection between your computer and the bouncer you'll need SSL software such as OpenSSL ( on your computer. For the SSL port just add a + before the 9 of the regular port you're using and change the 0 after the 9 into a 5.

      For example:

      Regular port 9001: SSL port +9501
      Regular port 9002: SSL port +9502
      Regular port 9003: SSL port +9503

      We also made the ZNC's IPv6 ready.
      this works in 2 ways. and point to the normal ipv4 ip AND the ipv6 ip, so if you have ipv6 it just works already on ipv6 for you.
      we also have 6667 and +7776 for ssl, these are ment for ipv6 where 9001 is for port 9001. port 9002 would be
      to make it even more complicated. we also have and they do exactly the same as the ones above, so not really more complicated.
      it also works for ipv4, but then you still have to use your own port. IPV4 example. 9004 username:pass.

      And the last thing: For the people who likes this we also made one IPv6 port with a IPv6 IP. This port can be used by IPv4 and IPv6 IP's. The IPv6 server on OGN isn't very stable yet so this whould only be for the people who love it. If you want to request such a ZNC you need to ask for a IPv6 bouncer in our support.

      We wish you good luck with your bouncer and if you need any help just write in #Centravi: /msg Centravi support <your problem/question> and one of our supporters will be glad to help you.

      Yours faithfully,
      The Centravi team.