Tree merge

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    • Dear community,

      Centravi has been around for several years now and since then we grew a lot. Lately we noticed that we came to a stop with the project and couldn’t really take it any further.

      After some brainstorming we talked with the admins of Tree, to do a merge and get some new motivation and inspiration in the team.

      With this merge we will get two new admins.

      The two new admins that we will welcome are not totally unknown with Centravi:
      • appel – already a developer for our bot
      • Rena – she has been a teamler here in the past and is happy to work with us once more.

      For the users of Tree this merge means that they will be transferred to Centravi soon and will continue to get support there further on.
      For the users of Centravi there will be no mayor changes in the near future.

      With this merge there will be some changes that will be implemented.
      First of all, we are planning to get a new/better server so that we can give you the best we can.
      And there will be new modules in the ZNC’s.

      If you have questions, feel free to ask!

      Your Centravi team.