The dawn of a new era.

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    • The dawn of a new era.

      Dear Centravi, users and team,

      It has been a while since I last posted something here in the Centravi boards. The reason for this is very simple: six weeks of holiday. Six weeks of holiday made me realise that my part in the Centravi project has been played. I can't really bring up the enthousiasm and time to contribute to the project anymore. And another change tells me I won't be able to do so in the future as well. The last two weeks of the earlier mentioned holiday marked the beginning of what is for me a new part of my life: going to university. After two weeks of introduction I'm now ready to begin with my study Creative Technology at the university of Enschede. I will moving there as soon as I have found a room and then a whole new life will start; a life which leaves little room for the Centravi project.

      The conclusion of all this is both obvious and hard. It is time for me to resign from the Centravi project completely. After I started this project back in 2007 (holy crack, that's four years already!) I already resigned from most foreground admin work earlier this year. Now it's time for me to completely resign and start a new life elsewhere.

      I will leave the project in the capable hands of the rest of the admin team: Frank, Morgensteirn and Victor. This will mark a beginning of changes to the project you will see unfolding in the foreseeable future. I have had a very fun time here. I learned a lot, I fought a lot, I lauged a lot and I liked a lot.

      I would like to thank all team members and ex-team members for helping me making Centravi what it is now, and I wish them all the best of luck in picking up what I left behind.

      For the time being, I'll sign off here. (Which obviously doesn't mean I'm gone, you will see me every now and then spamming around...)

      Jonathan Juursema, a.k.a. fnord :)