Sticky I want a ZNC. What shall I do?

    • I want a ZNC. What shall I do?

      so, you would like to have a ZNC. That is a good decision.

      First of all let's remind what ZNC is and what it is for.

      ZNC is a kind of bouncer. The main function is that ZNC is able to log channel and private messages. It is also able to protect your nick takeover. We'll explain the rest of functions in another thread.

      You need two things for requesting a ZNC - auth account and an IRC client.

      1) I want to get an auth account

      2) mIRC - one of the most used IRC clients

      Afterwards join #centravi and request a ZNC via /msg Centravi support ZNC request and remember - we provide ZNC on OnlineGamesNet network and it's for free.

      See the continuation for this thread - I've got a ZNC. And now?
    • I want to get an auth account

      The first thing that you need is an auth account. This account is for recognizing you at the network. You may know that our services are at OnlineGamesNet so let's register your account here.

      The link should show you this screen.

      Fill the info up as you see in the example picture. Than click to Register.

      Afterwards you should receive an e-mail with your password.

      You can easily connect to IRC via this link. Just choose your nick.

      As you can see there is a command with you get authed.
      /AuthServ auth YourAccountName YourPassword
      or just
      /as auth YourAccountName YourPassword

      You can write this command everywhere. Don't be afraid from others can see your password, it will get hidden. Anyway, we'd like to recommend you to write these commands in the status window, it's safer when you do a mistake.

      After that you can change your password.
      /AuthServ pass YourPassword newPassword
      or just
      /as pass YourPassword newPassword

      Afterwards set your fakehost on. It means your real host will be hidden.
      /AuthServ set autohide 1
      or just
      /as set autohide 1

      Your host will be hidden with the next authentication.

      Auth account done!
    • mIRC - one of the most used IRC clients

      The second step is an IRC client. I introduce you mIRC.

      Download this program from You can also download some mIRC addons like NoNameScript. After downloading, intall your client.
      Launch mIRC. You will see a window with the expiration - you have 30 days of using than you must register it but don't worry, you will see this window after 30 days. Just wait a bit longer and then you can click on Continue again.

      Let's start with the setting now.

      Click on the Option button ( ) or choose Tools and Options (or ALT + O).

      We're now in the first setting - Connect.

      You can actually write the same name to the first three boxes - Full Name, Email Address and Nickname. You don't have to fill them up with your realname, use your nick.
      Alternative means a nick that will be used if your nick is already in use.
      Active invisible mode is up to you. It means that people using /who #channel and /names #channel won't see you in the channel.
      The line called Server: shows what server you'll connect to.

      Now click on Servers.

      Here you see the servers which are added to your client. OnlineGamesNet is not there, so let's add it. Click on Add button. You will see this window.

      Choose a name - Description - how you want to have this network saved. I chose OGN.
      Then IRC Server - you have more possibilities here:
        or just
      All servers will connect you to OnlineGamesNet network.

      Port is affected by every server but keep 6667 - it's default.
      Name Group same as the server description.
      Now it is the time for your auth account. Enter YourAccountName:YourPassword (including the colon) here as your server Password.
      Then click on Add. When you add a new server, it will get marked. Click on Select to select OGN as your default server.

      Now click on Options.

      If you tick Connect on startup, you will connect to your selected server everytime you launch your client.
      I recommend you to tick Reconnect on disconnection. It's useful when you get disconnected, your client will automatically reconnect as soon as possible. Pop up connect dialog on startup opens the setting window with every mIRC launching.
      Move to top of list on connect moves the server you connect to on the top of the server list. Check for timed out connections does exactly how it is called. The Preserve nicknames function means you will always connect with the nickname you set at the beggining in the part Connect. If you don't tick it, you'll connect with the last used nick.

      Now move to Perform. Click on the button.

      Tick Enable perform on connect. Then click on Add and find the OGN server. After that write to Perform commands box for example /join #centravi or whatever else you want to do if you connect to OGN. Then click on OK.

      Now let's set highlight. You can set words which will be highlighed (by a colour, a song). Click on Tools and choose Address book (or ALT + B). Now click on the tab Highlight.

      Firstly tick Enable highlight.
      You can see I added two entries: $me and Geeek*. The first one means if someone types your current nick, you get highlighted. The second one uses * - it means the base is Geeek but you get highlighted of every word beginning Geeek-something (Geeek?, Geeek: and also Geeek-§-,kfa get highlighted; so if you use * then everything written will highlight you).

      Click on Add.

      Write the worlds you want to get highlighted on to the empty box. Match on sets if the highlight is on message or on nick or both. You can also set a colour and a sound which make the real highlight. Then just click on OK. You can add as many highlights as you want.

      Since now you're prepared to connect. Click to Connect button .
      mIRC done!

      When you connect to OnlineGamesNet you will see a plenty of text. If you used your auth ID as the server pass you should also see that you're in the LoCUsers group and you may join 40 channels.
      If you don't add the perform command, then do /join #centravi now and let's request your ZNC.

      The guide has been updated the last on September 19 2012 by Geeek.