Net splits

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    • unfortunately they decided to restart the jabsng server much earlier as they said in the first place. Because of this we didnt got a change to take any preparation to prevent any @ lose in channels. ?

      Because of this our nick is taken again by somebody else. Centravi's nickname is Centravi- for now till we'r able to get the nick back.
    • Dear users

      Today they resetted a IRC server which cauzed some disconnects on the bouncers. The bot is still online and running. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow they will restart the other IRC servers as well. The server we use for the bot will be restarted on friday, we will try to make a solution so Centravi wont lose his @ everywere.

      This isnt something we could have known or do anything about it since its the IRC server and not our server but we still apologize for any trouble.

      Centravi staff.