Problems with authing on our BNC's

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    • Problems with authing on our BNC's

      Dear Centravi BNC users,

      It has been brought to our attention that some of you might have some problems authing on your ZNC/sBNC. This is due to a IP/host change since we're back online again.

      To solve the problem either follow the instructions authserv notifies you. Or connect to the network manually, auth there and use /as addmask *
      To connect manually to the network in mIRC use:
      /server -m
      auth here, using /as auth yourauthservaccount youraccountpassword
      Once your authed use: /as addmask *

      After that you should be able to auth on your BNC :)

      We hope that we informed you enough with this post. If any further problems occur, feel free to contact our support. They are most willing to help you all

      On behalf of the Centravi staff,