Centravi Quiz

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    • Centravi Quiz

      Dear users.

      Inorder to have some fun, and also to use our minds a little, we have started a Quiz about Centravi and the Centravi team.
      The first three persons who will join the last channel will win some prices.

      The rules are easy, you need to have an authaccount to do this.

      To get started, just join #Centravi.Quiz
      In the topic you will see a question, the answer to that question will give you the next channel that you shell join.

      For example:
      Question: Is Morgensteirn a Centravisupporter?
      Answer to this one is Yes.
      then you just join #yes

      The prices is:
      Coupons that you can use in GameForge games.
      First price 13 €
      Second price 10 €
      third price 3 €

      Any questions, feel free to poke Me, Morgensteirn. And no, I will not give you the answers :P

      The Quiz will start 16 November at 12.00 Servertime.
      Happy Hunting!

      The Centraviteam