New Admin & Extended Helper

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    • New Admin & Extended Helper

      Dear users,

      some major changes in our staff this week.

      Fnord at first decided to change his position within the admin staff. He decided that he will only take care for the financial and the technical side of the project. This technical side doesn't mean that he's going to help scripting the bot, this is still in the hands of our development team.

      With this new position of fnord, we were in need for a new admin, who's going to be responsible for all daily issues, together with victor and myself. This new admin is Morgensteirn. Congratulations !

      With Morgensteirn, becoming the new admin, she left a gap in the extended helpers team. This gap has been filled with Darkness, congratulations with your promotion to extended helper as well Darkness.

      On behalf of the Centravi admin team,