New Centravi bot

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    • Due to several problems on the new bot version we've suffered from over the last weeks, we've made the decision to go back to the old version, which has been scripted in PHP by that time.

      In case that you have problems with this version, either inform our staff, or report problems on our mantis:

      Of course we will go back to the java version in the future again. But that might take some time, so that our development team has the time to fix this version completely.

      On behalf of the administration team,

    • New Centravi bot

      Dear users,

      Some of you might know, some of you won't know, we've been working on a new Centravi bot. This bot should be even more stable and faster.

      We're planning on launching this bot, coming evening. This will cause some downtime, as we've got to set over the database, and as we've got to implant the new code in the bot.
      Please note that this is a completely re scripted version of Centravi. This will mean that there might be some missing functions. That it could contain some bugs. We'd like to ask you all to report all problems/bugs and missing functions to our staff, or do it yourself using our mantis bugtracker:

      And of course we'd love to wish you all the best of fun with this new bot.

      On behalf of the development & complete admin team,