New Server!!!

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    • New Server!!!

      Dear community,

      I'm am so happy to announce that the new server we ordered has at the time of writing been delivered, hung at the datacenter, installed and configured fully. Thanks to the cooporation of both OnlineGamesNet and GameSurge network administration we were able to transfer the bouncers the first day after the server was delivered. Everything, the bot, the site, the bouncers, is now on our new server. You might not explicitely notice it, but the new server is very fast. The server load is very low and we expect the uptime to be way better then our previous one.

      All in all, we are very proud of our new server and we think that with it we will be able to deliver even better services!

      With the movement there has occured one problem. If you are using one of our shroudBNC's you have to request a new password with our staff. We are sorry but the new software uses a different encryption algorithm. This only affected the shroudBNC's (port range 3001~3008) the ZNC's (port 9001 trough 9004) are working fine with the new passwords.

      Thank you for your patience and trust over the last time. We hope to make a whole new start with this server, and we thank you for supporting us!

      Kind regards,
      The Centravi staff.