Conceirning Intensive DDoS on Centravi & New Server

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    • Conceirning Intensive DDoS on Centravi & New Server

      Dear community,

      Tuesday May 20 the first DDoS started to attack our bouncer server. From that day on, multiple DDoS'es hit both our bouncer server and our web server (which hosts the bot as well). We are very sad that these attacks were of a strength that all services (the bot, the web page, the bouncers, email server, etc) hosted had to be shut down to protect the server from overheating and massive bandwidth using (comparison: in a normal month we use up to 30GB of bandwidth. this month we have used 300GB). Currently, the situations seems to be under control and no more heavy DDoS'es are ongoing.

      A DDoS is something we can do nothing about but let it it happen. We hope you understand that.

      More good news: we have ordered a new server (you might want to donate) and it will be set-up this week. We hope to have the new server on-line and working somewhere at the end of next week or begin next week. You should not have to do anything for this change, except for the people using our services by IP-address (the new IP-address will be made public as soon as we have it). All in all, before we can use the new service, we have to shutdown the old services first, which means one more downtime. We hope you understand the necessity.

      Thanks for your trust and patience,
      The Centravi administration