Datacenter Issues - Bouncer Downtime - Please read

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    • Datacenter Issues - Bouncer Downtime - Please read

      Dear community,

      As you might know all BNC's were down several time last week. We had contact with the datacenter and they keep promising us it was the last time. We are already looking for a new server in a new datacenter, but this costs money. We are planning to move and we will - definately. The date we migrate depends on how quick we acquire the money. If you want to help financially - one time or on a regular basis - please see this topic. If you are interested in supporting the project on a regular basis, please contact the administration to discuss your proposal.

      Don't let this be misunderstood: the project will remain free forever, and we are not planning on shutting it down.

      Kind regards,
      The Centravi administration

      P.S.: We are really sorry for all the downtime over the last period and we are very sad that we can't do anything about it. I hope you understand us.