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    • Terms of Service - English

      Use of the Centravi services is a privilege, not a right.
      Use of any of the Centravi services is subjected to the network rules of the hosting network
      at all times.
      OnlineGamesNet's network rules

      Last Update

      Wen Jul 14 2010, 02:22 by frankh99.

      Channel Registration and Use Guidelines
      These guidelines are a free modification of OnlineGamesNet's channel registration guidelines.
      1. Under the following circumstances...
        1. The channel has at least 5 users in it (this is including bots like trivia bots).
        2. The channel should not have a full functioning channel management bot like ChanServ registered to it.
        3. The user requesting the channel should be able to give a relevant reason for the channel to be registered.
        4. The user requesting the channel is relevant to the channel.

      2. ...the following channels can be registered.
        1. Channels for projects (bouncers, bots, radio etc.) and alliances.
        2. Channels used to contact an individual person (e.g.: private channel).
        3. Channels for events or games (trivia, game meeting etc.).
        4. Channels used for various subjects (programming, hobbies etc).

          Special channels, these channels are only registered by the Centravi Administration.
        5. Channels in the form #game(.tld)(-anything). This includes (but is not limited to) 'pseudo-official' channels or event channels.
          - Only admins of that game can request such a channel.
        6. Channels related to GameForge related business. This includes (but is not limited to) virtual or real-life meeting channels or event channels.
          - Only GameForge staff with a relevant position can request such a channel.

      3. Channels that can not be registered.
        1. Anti-, against-, hate, racistical and in any way other offensive channels.
        2. Channels used to redistribute illegal goods (warez, cracks, virusses etc).

      4. Channel ownership.
        1. All channels on the network (registered with Centravi or not) are property of GameForge and therefor may not be selled.
        2. In case of two weeks of absence of the channel-owner the highest ranked - active - user with more then 300 access may request ownership in #Centravi.
        3. A channel is unregistered only if the following conditions are met:
          - The channel is considered inactive by the Centravi Administration for a period of two weeks.
          - The bot has been without ops (@) or not in the channel for over two weeks.
          - If the owner requests so or uses the UNREGISTER command.
          - The Centravi and/or OnlineGamesNet staff decides so (reasons could be but are not limited to: abuse, flood, rule breaking etc).

      5. Additional clarifications and/or rules.
        1. If a teammember of the OnlineGamesNet IRC staff requires the unregistration of a channel, we will do so.
        2. A teammember may deny registration of your channel with or without any reason.
        3. The channel's owner (e.g. the account with 500 access) is responsible for the channel.
          - Channels where the account 'Centravi' is owner, the Centravi Administration is responsible for the channel.
        4. You can report rule violation in #Centravi.
      Bouncer Registration and Use Guidelines
      1. A bouncer is named after the AuthServ account of the user requesting it.
      2. Bouncer stay property of Centravi at all times.
      3. The owner of the bouncer (see rule 1) is responsible for the bouncer.
      4. Use of the bouncer is subjected to the rules/regulations of the network the bouncer is on.
      5. We do not specifically limit the request of bouncers, however we do not register useless bouncers.
      6. A bouncer is automatically unregistered after three weeks of inactivity.
      7. The owner is required to idle in #Centravi with his/her bouncer.
      #Centravi IRC Channel Rules
      1. It is prohibited to:
        1. Spam and/or flood - you will get banned for this, it's annoying.
        2. Discriminate, flame or insult - it's not nice and we will not tolerate this.
        3. Post personal information about someone without their permission - this is illegal, do you want your pictures everywhere on the web?
        4. Post recruitement links - this is annoying, and you will be bitten by the dog if you do so.
        5. Post illegal stuff - we don't want nor need warez, porn or cracks thank you.
        6. Discuss bans, suspends, unregistrations - query the person who did this to you instead.
        7. Evade bans - really, you will only make it worse. :)

      2. It though is allowed to:
        1. Talk - really, chit chatting about useless stuff is fun. you should really try it!
        2. Discuss - we are no dictators, if there's something you'd like to see improved, tell us!
        3. Ask - if you need help, just ask! there are hordes of users who would like to help you.
          -> If you need professional support, use: /msg Centravi support <your Question>
      1. Interpretation of the abovestanding guidelines is done by the team and not by the user.
      2. Only administrators can choose to make an exception to the abovementioned guidelines.
      3. The team can deny registration at any time and without any reason.
      4. The team can unregister/delete services at any time without any reason.
      5. If you are not satisfied with the decision of a teammember, you can contact a higher ranked one using this tree:
        (Trial) Support Helper -> Extended Helper (includes Developpers) -> Administrator
        Administration always has the final word, no matter what.