Solution on the downtime

    • Last evening all the sBNC ports have been downgraded to version 1.1 of shroudBNC. We hope that with this the problems have been solved.

      Unfortunate there is a slightly problem. Due to a difference in the way the passwords are encrypted between version 1.2 of sBNC and version 1.1 all passwords have been lost. This means that everyone has to ask for a new password.

      Our staff will be present to help you with any problems and they all should be able to reset your password.

      Please use: /msg Centravi support resetpass BNC

      Please make sure that you're authenticated.

      Thanks for your cooperation.

      On behalf of the staff,

    • Solution on the downtime

      Dear users,

      As you all might have noticed over this Eastern weekend, we're suffering some real problems with our BNC's. The BNC's are quitting all the time, some ports remain offline, etc etc.

      It seems that the problems started since we've upgraded our sBNC software to version 1.2 (it was version 1.1 previously). And as it seems now, sBNC version 1.2 is less stable then 1.1. Therefore we're going to downgrade our software to version 1.1 again. And we hope that this will solve all the problems we've suffered from. This evening the sBNC software will be downgraded. As you all might understand, this will cause some more downtime.

      Please bare with us in the meantime, and thanks for your cooperation.

      On behalf of the Centravi staff,